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HIPPOTONIC Himalayan salt block


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A totally natural salt lick extracted from Himalayan rocks. Very pure and with a specific and highly palatable taste, the Himalayan salt block is rich in minerals and trace elements, and gives your horse vitality and well being. This block is a very solid, real piece of rock. It does not break or dissolve when in contact with humidity like compressed salt blocks, so it may be used in pastures. The salt block is pierced and may be placed in a manger, on a salt block holder or fixed anywhere with a supplied rope.
Composition: sodium chloride: 98.62% – magnesium: 0.40% – calcium: 0.11% – sulphates: 0.10% – iron: 0.001 % – humidity rate: 0.03% – non soluble residual: 0.73%.

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