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Hoof Shoe Tubbease™


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Tubbease™ was developed in New Zealand with the aim to create a breathable treatment shoe for problem horse hooves (e.g. sole ulcers). The supplied hook and loop tapes mean Tubbease™ is easy to attach to the horse’s leg.

  • can escape upwards meaning no heat or humidity is trapped within the shoe
  • the rubber-coated base reliably prevents moisture from entering and simultaneously ensures that the treatment fluid remains on the hoof
  • the optimum climate within the shoe means the hoof retains its natural strength
  • the thick EVA insole reduces pressure pain for the horse (e.g. with sole ulcers) and extends the life of Tubbease™
  • various remedies to treat abscesses, thrush, hoof injuries, hoof outbreaks etc. can be used with Tubbease™
  • tubbease™ design is protected (NZ 417646)
  • EVA insert not included


Tubbease is extremely well suited for one-time applications for hoof problems. Depending on the duration of use, Tubbease can also be reused but this depends on the load, duration of use and wear and tear.

Ensure that horses with Tubbease have a limited range of motion (paddock or box) so that healing can progress better and the Tubbease stays on the hoof longer without being damaged.

Important: only use during stall rest

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L / 160 mm, M /145 mm, S / 110 mm, S/M /130 mm, XS / 75mm, XXL / 175 mm


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