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LPC “Espace spray” Insect repellent


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“Espace spray” insect repellent.
– Formulated with Essential oils.
– Can be sprayed directly onto the horse.
– Pleasant fragrance.
During summer, the horse naturally attracts all kinds of insects. Formulated with essential oils, Espace Spray repels insects and thus brings peace to the horse
in the meadow, during walks or during sports activities.

Eucalyptus citriodora active ingredient TP19 cas N°42822-86-6 40%, margosa extract active ingredient TP19 cas n° 84696-25-3 0.2%, ricinus communis, potassium sorbate.
Apply Espace Spray daily and uniformly on the horse.
Warning: causes serious eye irritaton. Keep out of reach of children. Wash hands thoroughly afer handling. Wear protectve gloves. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Contnue rinsing. If eye irritaton persists: Get
medical advice/atenton. Read label before use. Do not swallow. Comply with local regulatons for disposal. Use biocides with precauton and an adapted protecton.


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