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Magic Brush Coat Gloss Spray Mane Care


Treat your horse to some luxury with the Mane Care Premium Edition!


There’s a new and premium addition to the well-known ManeCare coat shine spray range that combines exceptional shine, scent, care and performance in one.

  • extraordinary fragrance mixtures paired with maximum effect on the coat and long hair
  • protects the coat and makes the long hair very easy to comb
  • does not stick and leaves a stunning gloss
  • prevents skin and coat problems caused by UV rays

ArabicNights: makes the coat soft and silky with special essential proteins.

FrenchKiss: aromatic plant and herbal extracts from e.g. lavender and thyme, protect and maintain. The special formula can prevent dandruff and fur loss.

FruitExplosion: moisturising and revitalising ingredients such as raspberry, apple, cucumber or papaya extracts ensure a glossy, healthy coat. A soothing treatment for damaged hair.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

500 ml


Arabic Nights, French Kiss, Fruits Explosion