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NORTON Interchangeable gullet


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Allows you to modify the width of the tree’s gullet to fit it to the shape of your horse. Compatible with the following saddles:
– NORTON CLUB “Rexine Evol” Dressage saddle No. 117 117, All-purpose “Rexine Evol” saddle item No. 117 116, “Rexine Evol” Close Contact saddle No. 117 115.
– NORTON CLUB “Spring Evol” Jumping saddle item No. 117 118.
– old NORTON “Rexine” models.
– old ERIC THOMAS “Advance”, “Jerez” and “Madrid” models.

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Black/Medium-Wide, Blue/Medium, Green/Wide, Red/Medium -Narrow, White/Extra Narrow, Yellow/Extra Wide


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