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REKOR “Show Coat” luster


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“Show Coat” eliminates tangles and knots, conditions and nourishes hair, manes and tails, produces a healthy show sheen and very soft coat. Used regularly “Show Coat” keeps manes and tails tangle free, reduces hair breakage. Repels dirt and dust, prevents manure, grass and urine stains. Works well on dry or wet coat. Non-toxic and safe for sensitive horses. Makes the coat shiny. Makes grooming easier by repelling dust, dirt and stains. Keeps mane and tail detangled for 1 week.

Composition : Water, silicone, cleansing base, perfume. For use on horses, dogs, cats, cattle, camels and alpagas ….
For use after bathing : remove excess of water. Then apply Show Coat to coat. Hand stroke hair, then brush. Let dry completely before additionnal grooming. Do not rince.
Spray to mane and tail then work in with fingers or comb through. Let dry before additionnal brushing.
For grooming use: brush to remove excess dirt and dust then apply Show Coat and brush through in the direction of the hair. Shake well before using, Product for external use. Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and protect from freezing. Close well after each use, Keep out of reach of children. Does not contain any substance likely to contravene the FFE, FEI and Racing Code regulations.


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