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Compositi Jockey Racing Sitrrup Ultra-light


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Compositi Ultra-light Jockey Racing stirrups are designed especially for jockeys that seek optimal performance and super light weight. Made from the well known DuPont plastic composition they are extremely strong, approximately 15% stronger than similar aluminum stirrups. These stirrups combine the use of the ultra light material and their clean, sofisticated design to obtain durability, strength and style not found in most conventional stirrups. As if that’s not enough the weigh as little as 95 grams per pair!

Note! For an optimal grip we highly recommend that you wrap the platform in Vetrap or something similar to increase the grip. Without this we consider the platform to be far too slippery and the risk to lose your grip and slip out of the stirrup is far to great. With the addition of a Vetrap wrapping though, we certainly think these are a good light weight option at an affordable price.


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